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Ridwan Kamil is also angry ….

Like humans , a town also has age and get old one day , and then consumed with age . The face of the city is no longer the same as the days when he was born .

" At that moment appeared many old buildings and its people are confused what to do . Which is usually easy to disassemble it just people who only economically minded . Fact , if you want a little creative , no need to disassemble it , " said the Mayor of London , Ridwan Kamil , after formalizing and Memorabilia Heritage Bank Indonesia in Jakarta, Monday ( 26/05/2015 ) .

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The mayor is more familiarly called Emil Kang admitted always jealous of older people in London who never enjoyed the ” Paris van Java ” that is always cool and foggy in the morning time , always comfortable because not chaotic and jam . However , the present generation only see London as a metropolis .

"Once the city is designed for 300 thousand inhabitants , is now inhabited by approximately 2.5 million people . So , it does not suit the times and needs so that London should follow the changes , " said Emil .

However , following the times does not mean tear down the historic old buildings , especially if potentially as cultural heritage ( heritage) . Emil pleaded angrily with the ways people , especially businessmen , narrow in treating the historical value of a building .

" At the same modus Bandung , old buildings were closed disposable zinc , then slowly destroyed . There are more than 600 old buildings , but are included in the protection of these laws is only 66 buildings , " said Emil .

"Therefore , I make the rules , if you want to dismantle the old building should be with permission . Disassemble If you want to be able to give a reason , must not disassemble because they are not worth anything, " he added .

The laws of nature

Generally the ” master ” urban planning in Indonesia is not ideal to protect the park and historic buildings of the past . Postwar independence , almost all cities in Indonesia does not have the vision to make the colonial -era buildings as an asset of the city, including London .

" Times of economic new order into the locomotive so that there is no space to map and preserve historic buildings . , But it’s not too late , as long as you like , " said Emil .

Especially for London , said Emil , he would divide the city according to each load . For entertainment , travel , until the government will be concentrated in the old city in some districts , such as the Well London , Lengkong , Bandung Wetan , and Astana Newer . As he plans to move to the city government center Gedebage .

" Development in north London has been reduced , while in central London began to be restricted because here are many relics of art deco architecture . Region that will be used Bandung Heritage " Emil said .

"I’ve been summoned , there are 8 summons because I considered to inhibit permission . However , is such that , had the law of nature that the city does not clear up if no collaboration , " he added .


Diligent Entrepreneur urges Jokowi Gelontorkan CSR

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo encourage employers to be more sensitive to issues of public health . Thus, he expects more employers who provide health assistance in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) .

"If all entrepreneurs , willing to do a health aid . Especially focused on five major diseases , completed health problems in Indonesia , " said Jokowi , while attending Tahir Foundations , Mayapada Hospital , Lebak Bulus , Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

At the hospital billionaire who also Mayapada Group CEO , Dato ’ Sri Tahir provide free treatment for underprivileged children suffering from cancer and diseases like, under the age of 12 years .

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Furthermore , Jokowi appreciate the step Tahir . To Jokowi , Tahir said , if children under the age of 12 cancer patients and are less able to be treated and operated freely in Mayapada Hospital .

However , health aid that can be realized , if the employer also has a genuine intention to help others . ” The most important , in need of a heart for helping others . Why many employers money but from the inside ( heart ) does not exist, ” said Jokowi .

In that event , also attended by Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi along with a team of specialists led by Prof. Dr. Abdul Muttalib SpPD - KHOM .


City government Never Asked for Permission “TV Town Hall”, Basuki Call Planning First Media

Cable TV providers are called First Media never ask permission Jakarta Provincial Government City Hall about the TV channel. The invitation to the company’s management will be carried out.

"We want to call First Media. Currently the Department of Communication and Information Technology has been taken care of," said Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama at City Hall on Friday (23/05/2014).

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TV channels from companies owned by businessman James Riady’s view video activity Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta.

Previously, Section Head of Media Relations Department of Communication and Information Capital Nurjanah Aan said he was surprised by the presence of the TV Hall. “Mr. Vice Governor shocked really know the channel fitted out there,” he said.


PKPI Support Jokowi-JK, Unconditional

Chairman of the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) Sutiyoso decided to join the political axis led by PDI-P . PKPI support presidential candidates and vice - president Jusuf Kalla , Joko Widodo , unconditionally .

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Before the press conference at the Office of the DPP PKPI , in Menteng , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) , Sutiyoso said that his party has close nationalist vision - mission and same with Jokowi - JK . This is the underlying attitude to move closer to the carriage PKPI coalition that has now been filled by the PDI-P , Nasdem Party , the National Awakening Party , and Hanura .

" There proximity nationalist same mission and vision . Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle With too close . ‘s Coalition unconditionally , " said Sutiyoso , Thursday afternoon .

The press conference was due to start at 15:30 . However , because it is still waiting for the presence of Jokow - JK , who still follow a medical at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital , the event was postponed . Until this news was aired , the show has not yet begun declaration .


Receiving this reason CT Occupation Minister for Economy

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Chairul , admitted he never imagined would not be a minister perkonomian . He also claimed to be surprised , when on a trip to Myanmar with Hatta Rajasa , Hatta told him to resign .

" I am surprised Mr. Hatta says will resign , I asked why the new baseball resigned after registering . He said the previous week because the rules should resign , " said the man who was familiarly called CT in Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

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Finally , a number of considerations , CT also said he was willing and sincere to fulfill their duty as a substitute Hatta Rajasa . ” For one , duty calls . ( Reason ) Two , my friend Mr. Hatta friendly more than 20 years , was admitted to a level that can hopefully be successful , ” said the boss CT Corp. .

CT tells , the Office of the Coordinating Ministry has a long history for him . He said , the building is a building that was formerly the Ministry of Finance .

" At first Soeharto era , one of the ministers Mar’ie Mr. Muhammad and I happened to be the one that is close to him , and practically my second office building . So I somewhat understand the fiscal issues , public finance and everything . It is by far some 20 years ago . So , apparently it’s also a history that makes me have to go back , " he said ,

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was inaugurated and took the oath Chairul , this morning at the State Palace , as the Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa replace resigning .

As per the provisions of Law No. 42 of 2008 on the Election of President and Vice- President , Hatta resigned his position as minister for going forward in the 2014 presidential election as the candidate of the candidate companion Gerindra Prabowo .


Suciwati Munir, Eight Years in Front of the Palace

Until this year , it’s been almost eight years Suciwati Munir stood in front of the State Palace , Jakarta . Together with dozens of victims of violations of human rights , she demanded justice for Munir’s death , her husband . Every Thursday , they refuse to forget .

"Today has been entered Thursday to 300 . People look to us to make political maneuvers ahead of elections . Fact , we ‘ve been doing it for 300 on Thursday , " said Saints at Pine Gallery , Jakarta , Monday ( 12/5 ) , during the event " artists Against Forget " .

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Holy Resistance is not for personal gain . He had gone mengikhlaskan Munir . However , sincerity does not mean forget the dark history of this nation for the disappearances lives arbitrarily .

" History just to remind that the same incident does not happen again . There should not be one person missing and dead in this country for no reason , " said Saints .

The issue of human rights , the Holy further , not yet a sexy issue in this country . Now increasingly forgotten generation of human rights violations that have occurred . Not because they deliberately forget , but perhaps because they no longer know about the crimes of the past .

"The mass media have a role in the lack of raised human rights issues so that the public be forgotten , " said Saints .

The most obvious fact has been forgotten human rights violations are still many human rights violators who are now running for president . They hide behind the party , waiting time for digging my nails in power .


Huawei Ascend Camera P7 Recommend The term ’ Groufie ‘

Huawei has recently registered the word ’ groufie ’ as their trademark in a number of countries . ’ Groufie ’ from Chinese companies use this term as a self - portrait on the panoramic camera on the smartphone .

There are many considerations Huawei chose this word . If using a ’ selfie ’ , this word has become too common and often used these days . Describe the action of a self - portrait with cell phone stretching along the arm , Huawei also has the designation ’ groufie ’ .

As quoted from the Telegraph , Sunday ( 11/05/2014 ) , the latest mobile phones Huawei Ascend Q7 has a front camera with a quality that is claimed to be better than its competitors .

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Huawei also immerse software that lets users take panoramic photos . It will be very useful when acting as a selfie group or gang. With ’ groufie ’ , everyone will fit in the frame , even the background scenery and location entered , too . Interesting is not it?

Although filing status is still pending , Huawei has been deftly attempting to secure these words by listing in China , France , Germany , Russia and the United States .

Ascend Q7 launched in Paris , France became the first Huawei smartphone that introduced the term ’ groufie ’ to the public . The handset has an eight -megapixel front camera and image processing chips commonly found in DSLR cameras .


Malang Urges Journalists Completed Investigate Murder Case Udin

Dozens of journalists Malang ( Malang , Malang and Batu City ) , East Java , staged to commemorate the International Press Freedom Day ( World Press Freedom Day 2014 ) .

In this action , the journalists demanded the police to thoroughly investigate the murder case of Fuad Muhammad Syarifuddin alias Udin , Bernas Daily journalist in Yogyakarta . The murder took place on August 16, 1996 last .

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Action of the journalists was held in front of City Hall in Malang and continue to the next statue Anwar , Indonesian writers . Dozens of journalists using the simultaneous action of the participants faced mask and unfurled posters Udin anti - violence against journalists .

" Journalists in Indonesia still do not have freedom of the press . Evidently , intimidation , violence and murder of journalists is still often the case , " said Day Istiawa , stunt coordinator , Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

Udin , clear day , murdered for exposing corruption news writing . ” Before the case was discontinued because Udin period expired in August , the police have to take that completely , ” said Day .

National Police Chief Gen. Sutarman , clear day , has been admitted if evidence of murder Udin thrown overboard .

"It is recognized that the evidence clearly throw pure error investigator . Parties police should evaluate it . Beber Day In Indonesia , the practice is also widespread impunity for the killing of journalists as news .

According to Today , there are eight cases similar to the late Udin and could not finish . The evidence is destroyed . Among them , Alfrest Mirulewan ( Tabloid Rainbow ) , Ridwan Salamun ( Sun TV ) Andriansyah ( Merauke TV ) , M Syaifullah ( Compass ) , Anak Agung Prabangsa ( Radar Bali ) , and Ersa Siregar Herliyanto ( RCTI ) .

Of the few cases involving journalists in Indonesia , Malang Journalists urged law enforcers to immediately solve the case of the death of Udin , and stop the impunity of violence against journalists case .

" To the journalists , must work in accordance with Law No. 40 of 1999 on the Press . Enforce the code of ethics of journalists , " please Day .


Heightened state budget, Australia Will rumahkan 15,000 civil servants

The Australian Government is likely to lay off at least 15,000 civil servants as part of austerity Budget . Other sectors that will be affected by the tightening of the budget include family allowances , as well as several other benefits .

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From the recommendation of the Audit of Australia Budget revealed , unemployment benefits , health , education , retirement , and disability will also be affected by the budget savings .

Audit Commission report released this week also recommend removal and merging government agencies . Of the 73 major federal agencies , seven of which will be removed , 35 will be combined , and the other 22 will be consolidated into existing departments , and 9 will be privatized institutions .

While 26 other government agencies still require further assessment . Since its inception in October last year , the Audit Committee focuses on 15 sectors of the federal government ‘s largest expenditure .

1,200 pages in length report , the Audit Commission issued 86 recommendations to encourage a thorough restructuring of the way the government do its job.

Audit Commission said the move is expected to save tens of billions of dollars per year and is expected to be back Australian Budget surplus of 1 percent in the fiscal year 2023-2024 .

According to the Audit Commission Chairman Tony Shepherd , the best move for the Australian Government is to “act now ” .

" We have to manage the people’s tax money as if it was our own money . We must spend it carefully , " said Shepherd .

Prime Minister Tony Abbott Government Response to this recommendation will be seen in the budget submission on 13 May.


Claimed first in Indonesia , Ria Rio Reservoir State Park Terraces concept

The Jakarta provincial government will conjure city parks in the dam Ria Rio , East Jakarta , into a garden with terracing system . This concept is claimed to be the first in Indonesia .

Jakarta Propertindo director , Budi Karya Sumadi , said in order to realize the concept , the provincial government will hold a German company based in Singapore .

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"Later brought in consultants Atelier ( Atelier Dreiseitl - architectural consultant ) from Singapore , then we create a design , because it’s a new concept in Indonesia . Engineering design will begin in mid- June to August this year and expected to be completed end of 2015 , " said Budi .

It is delivered when met after the discussion meeting held in reservoirs Ria Rio City Hall , Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30/4 ) .

" These reservoirs are not met it before , is not physically beautiful , well technically there is no engineering technology," he said .

Looking ahead , of a total area of ​​25 acres about 18 acres will be used as green lines and water storage areas . Budi explained , terracing system was later made ​​staircase steps in certain sections .

Thus, the concept of high quality garden this park will be open space that can be used all walks of life but still has value in flood control and raw water sources .

"Why terracing ? Watery area that is currently in place certain dry , arid areas in the reservoir can be used so a playground , park and so on , " said Budi .

He estimates the terracing area during the rainy season will be water catchment area so that it can minimize flooding terhadinya . The volume of water in the reservoir which currently ranges from 65 thousand m3 will increase to 180 thousand cubic meters .

" It means that if it is done in good will could provide flood coverage for 25 years over 400 acres of development land in the vicinity. Pulomas inshallah So baseball will be flooded again , " he added .