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Stagnant Affect Car Sales Business Insurance

Prediction association said that new car sales will stagnate this year from 2013 , the estimated rate influence Asuransi Astra Buana business ( AAB ) . Santosa , CEO of AAB , predicted , automotive specialty insurance products , Garda Oto , tend not to move away from last year .

" The sector was stagnant four wheels , two wheels while also likely will not grow too big , " said Santosa in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/23/2014 ) . This estimate also assessed will affect the overall total profit AAB . Because Garda Oto is the largest composition of business , representing 60 per cent .

The annual report mentions AAB , net profit during 2013 reached Rp 873 billion , grew 17.6 percent from 2012. While Gross Written Premium ( GWP ) also increased , up 23.4 percent over 2012 to Rp 3.8 trillion .

In 2014 , influenced by many factors , many car manufacturers have decided to raise the price of the unit . It is seen as an opportunity and hope to acquire more growth . ” Car production means roughly the same as 2013. Rate our stay , but because there is a price adjustment , the growth will come from there , could reach approximately 7-10 percent . Even so , in my definition was stagnant , “said Santosa .

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The majority of policyholders Garda Oto is a brand of consumer automotive vehicle production Astra group . In fact , about half the population of new vehicle production in Indonesia Toyota or Daihatsu .


Obama to Asia, North Korea Nuclear Activity Increase

North Korea reportedly stepped up their nuclear testing in the center . This was done ahead of the arrival of U.S. President Barack Obama to Japan and South Korea on 23 to 29 April 2014.

" ( We ) Currently detect a number of activities around the nuclear test Punggye - ri , " the announcement of the South Korean defense ministry spokesman as published by the BBC , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

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In the statement , South Korea ‘s nuclear activities have questioned whether it is a surprise or a mere bluff . However, it should be wary . ” Surprise nuclear test or just pretending to hold a nuclear test , ” added the South Korean Ministry of Defense .

An increase in activity over the North’s nuclear , military Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea formed a special task force to monitor the situation, in addition to meeting with the United States and Japan .

North Korea , so far , has conducted a nuclear test 3 times . Latest nuclear test conducted in February 2013 that led to severe tensions for months on the Korean peninsula .

Nuclear tests had previously been conducted in 2006 and 2009 . All these trials resulted in the imposition of UN sanctions against Pyongyang .

End of March 2014 , North Korea threatened to create a ’ new form ’ of the nuclear test . It is not known what the purpose of a ’ new form ’ is. Although Pyongyang has conducted tests on a number of nuclear devices , but it is believed they have not been able to launch a missile .

North Korea today has objected linked Obama’s visit to South Korea and Japan . North Korea said the arrival of the U.S. president could increase military tensions .

As published by KCNA news agency , the Foreign Ministry spokesman denounced North Korea and called Obama’s visit to the region dangerous .

" The arrival of Obama is a dangerous journey that will only increase the black clouds of confrontation and restore the arms race on the Korean Peninsula , " the spokesman said in a statement . ( Yus Ariyanto )


Banyuwangi regency Signed MoU with CPC and Bank of East Java

Banyuwangi Regency signed a memorandum of understanding ( MoU ) with PT CPC Central and East Java Regional Development Bank of ( Bank of East Java ) Access account transactions online .

This is done after the district of Banyuwangi get unqualified predicate ( WTP ) at the Local Government Finance Report ( LKPD ) in 2013 ago .

Djajat Sudrajat , Head of Finance and Asset Management Agency Regions to explained in the agreement , the Banyuwangi regency give freedom to the CPC Central to access cash flow ( financial transaction data ) Banyuwangi regency at Bank of East Java .

" They can access online . Through the internet or VPN , CPC may conduct direct examination of Jakarta without needing to be physically present in Banyuwangi . So the CPC as an internal watchdog can access the financial management of Banyuwangi regency financial data in real time in any man , " he explained , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

He said , granting such access one form of financial responsibility area . ” CPC can monitor all movements and transactions if the irregularities could be found directly on the warning by the CPC . Additionally Regency financial transactions can also be monitored according to the principle of accountability , ” he added .

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He also added earlier , in 2012 , Banyuwangi regency has an agreement with the East Java Provincial CPC related issues of e - audit of financial statements as applied to the financial statements from lapiran peremcanaan until the end .


Instead of Hunger , Grandpa ‘s Choose Life in Prison -

Because of fear of starvation because they do not work and live alone , a grandfather in Surabaya choose to survive in a way that does not make sense and relatively strange . Grandfather of two grandchildren intentionally steal in order to deal with the police , so got a free meal while in custody .

Sentot Slamet Riyadi ( 53 ) , who lives in a boarding house at Jalan Surabaya Sidotopo Wetan wind is intentionally stealing a bicycle belonging to Usman . Since it was intended in order to be caught , Sentot did not care about the situation in the victim’s home . When the victim’s home and surroundings were crowded , but not deter Sentot steal . Sentot desperate to get into the house and stole a bike patio wind Usman . ( Read: opera mini untuk hp )
Knowing there are people who are not known to steal bikes casually wind , victims and nearby residents immediately arrested . Sentot raw punch that was rewarded by the citizens then handed over to the police . Surprisingly , instead of relief after his Sentot handed over to the police .
Sentot calmly said he was happy the police arrested and imprisoned because of his wish come true , which can eat for free . Oddly enough , it turns out Sentot has repeatedly dealt with the police with a different case .
Criminal Police Chief Unit Simokerto Aroby AKP Muhammad said , although classified as a strange way to be able to survive, but police still Sentot process in accordance with the law . As a result of his actions , Sentot secured with wind bicycles evidence under sentence of five years in prison


Different Ridwal Kamil and Jokowi-Ahok bus about CSR

Provincial Government (Provincial ) Jakarta to get a bus grant social responsibility ( Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR ) . It is still not acceptable because there are several requirements that complicate the process of handover .

Another thing with the City (City ) London . They ‘ve managed to pull out a prototype of the bus CSR . And now there are 30 buses being produced for use .

Mayor of London said Ridwan Kamil , the bus from one of the telecommunication companies will still be taxed . Where would be equated with the tax has been set . In addition to taxes , the municipal government to the CSR wearing advertising tax .

" Yes taxed . Tetep , later arranged . According to rules wrote Yes , if it’s handed over to a third party , " he said in Bandung City Hall , Thursday ( 17/4 ) .

To speed up the process of receiving , Ridwan said the City Government is not involved as a receiver directly . But just being a regulator of regulation and administration .

" So his move to the city but not to Bandung Tourism Promotion Board . Third party so giving to a third party . We just set the regulations , " said Ridwan .

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) said , already knowing how to order 30 buses CSR can be immediately accepted . Because of Jakarta Provincial Government is now preparing all administrative purposes . He added , in three weeks of receipt of the bus CSR issues will be completed .

" You see the bus what ? CSR ? There is writing what ? Nothing problem ? In Jakarta there is also no significant problems . ‘s Newly tilled , 3 weeks so . Yeah bus . Which donation anyway . Which thirty , " he explained .

" It could be an example here . , Where can you. Could Ad . , Where - it can , because the same rules , " he said .

Earlier, Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama ( Ahok ) declared the city government to get 30 buses were grants of PT Telkomsel . Buses to be used for public transport it will be received and managed by Transport PT Jakarta . Ahok bus request immediate use and not complicated .

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Ahok was angry because the bus that was donated and complicated that initially rejected because of advertising and now tightened with the regulation about the BBG . Rejection is because bus that uses diesel fuel is not appropriate legislation which requires public transport should be gas-fired .


Ukraine on the Brink of Civil War

Russian President Valdimir Putin said the sharp escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine put the country on the brink of civil war .

A statement from the Kremlin said Putin delivered the warning in a telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel .

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Both leaders emphasized the importance of the plan talks about Ukraine in Geneva on Thursday ( 19 / 04 ) between Russia , Ukraine , United States and the European Union .

A spokesman for U.S. President Barack Obama says the Ukrainian authorities have a responsibility to enforce the law and maintain order throughout Ukraine .

Meanwhile , the President of Ukraine Olexander Turchynov said Ukrainian troops have regained control of a military airfield in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine , after the fight against the armed group of pro - Russian .

The base is located south of Sloviansk which is one of 10 cities in eastern Ukraine where the government buildings occupied by the pro - Russian .
About 100 people are believed to be pro - Russian activists were outside the air base .


Wireless Technology Trigger Malignant Brain Tumors

Advanced technology can facilitate a person’s job . But , on the other hand there are adverse effects caused bica . Such as the health risks of wireless technology ( wireless ) from a mobile phone .

BioInitiative Working Group showed evidence of fears of a malignant brain tumors from use of cell phones that use wireless technology or better known as electronic technology that operates without wires .

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" There is a consistent pattern of increased risk of glioma ( malignant brain tumor ) and acoustic neuroma with use of mobile and cordless phones , " said Lennart Hardell , MD , PhD at Orebro University , Sweden .

Results of this study was released in 2012 and 2013 as reported dailystar , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Epidemiological evidence suggests that radio frequency should be classified as a human carcinogen . FCC public safety limits / IEEE and ICNIRP that there is not enough to protect public health .

Mobile wireless devices such as mobile phones and tablets is a source of biologically unnecessary stress to the mind and body . The report warned of wireless in schools . Schools should provide access to the internet without Wi - Fi .

" This is essentially an unregulated experiment on children’s health . Microwave wireless technologies bothers .. Technology can be used more safely with no wiring devices that interfere with microwave radiation produces biological level , " said Co - Editor of the BioInitiative Report , Cindy Sage .

The report said a number of health problems that can arise from nirkebl technologies such as hyperactivity , impaired concentration , restlessness , irritability , disorientation , disturbed behavior , sleep disorders , and headaches .


SBY key to victory Prabowo

Gerindra depend on the Democratic Party . Because the key to winning Gerindra really depends how Prabowo lobbied President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) .

Political analyst Burhanuddin Muhtadi UIN Syarif Hidayatullah said , the success of the approach to the Democratic Gerindra will bring pleated effect . Although SBY can no longer run , he said , but his figure is well known in the community .

" Because the central figure SBY make decisive Democratic position . Prabowo is not safe , if Democrats successfully invited Prabowo this course will strengthen its position in the face of Jokowi , " he said on Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

According to Burhanuddin , Gerindra are moving quickly to hold the coalition partners . With the acquisition of approximately 12 percent , of the merger will create a safe Democratic Prabowo .

With 22 percent of the vote combined both political parties , he said , to predict the political parties joined in a coalition Setgab can join .

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" It’s a race Gerindra perform silent operation . There are shades find friends coalition with partners from the middle of the political parties , " said Burhanuddin .


Students of SMAN 8 Jakarta is the UN, Builders guard yelled Ketoprak

SMA 8 Jakarta when students are following the national exam , security guards ensuring that the concentration of the students answer the questions . When there is noisy outside the school , security guard immediately rebuked .

" Hey , do not be noisy , ‘said a security guard to the seller Ketoprak that was passing in front of the SMA 8 Jakarta , Jalan Bukit Duri , East Jakarta , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

Not just anyone can be a visit to the school . Visitors must report first to the school security . This is done so that the implementation of the UN in the school undisturbed .

According Warji , guard SMAN 8 Jakarta , the atmosphere of the school will be secured and maintained his composure until around half of the current examination is completed.

The atmosphere in the school looks deserted . Some teachers looked down the halls of the school .

National exam started at 07.00 am . XII class students who follow the UN meet grade 19 officers who had been prepared for digunanakan school today . Eleven classes are not used looks empty and unoccupied .

There are 310 students mixture of IPA and grade accelerated program and 47 students from IPS are following the UN in SMAN 8 Jakarta this year .

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A number of cars seen parked in front of the school . There are only 5 cars parked in the school yard , the cars are belong to the teachers and school officials . School gates were also closed from 07:00 .


Present Microsoft Office to the iPad

Microsoft developer conference will be held next week, but CEO Satya Nadella already share about what will be presented in the show.

In San Francisco today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as reported by ArsTechnica, announced that Microsoft Office for iPad will be available in the iOS App Store, Friday at 11 am Pacific Time.

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Word, Excel, and Power Point for the iPad can be to create and edit files with other versions of the software, and feature integration OneDrive either in Windows or the mobile version.

Applications for these tablets provide substantially more capability than the version for mobile phones.

Microsoft said that the app will be available free of charge. Everyone can download it from the App Store, but without being registered as a customer of Office 365 users can only display (view) files and can not edit it.

Microsoft Office Mobile is also releasing updates for the iPhone. Software update version 1.1 for iOS 7 and Office subscription requirement is eliminated. View and edit documents, then store in OneDrive now free for those who have an account with Microsoft.